ACTION C1 Training

ACTION – enhAnCe shorT-term employability Of immigraNtsProject ID: 2020-1-DE02-KA202-007390 “Joint Staff Training 13 – 15 December,2022 Wuppertal, Germany One of the Action`s results is the already created – Open Education Resource (OER) MOOC platform. The development of the ACTION OER is set to ensure the upskilling pathways of VET teachers and staff, towards the promotion […]


The access to the labour market is one of the key pillars of smooth integration anddecent living for the citizens of a country. In recent years, and particularly after theeconomic crisis, the labour market appears to be a difficult area and a particularconcern for jobseekers – and especially young people.For refugees and migrants, these difficulties […]

Ukrainian refugees In

Germany’s labor market is under severe pressure, and the recent influx of Ukrainian refugees is unlikely tosolve the country’s workforce issues in the long term.Aside from Poland, Germany has taken in more refugees than any other region since Russia invadedUkraine one year ago. The conflict has ravaged swathes of Ukraine and seen eight million people […]

The national Parliament in North
Macedonia has adopted the new
country Resolution on Migration
Policy and its Action Plan for

The aim of the Resolution is to create institutional and other prerequisites for development of asustainable and comprehensive framework for managing regular and irregular external migration, in orderto promote the development of the country. It includes five strategic areas: Supporting framework;Reliable and relevant data on external migration; Managing regular migration; Control and managementof irregular migration; […]


Institute for Roma and Minority strives for a society where the targeted young people enjoy equal access to opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, have a voice in their community and society, whose needs are tackled by the institutions that have a direct impact in their daily lives. Our vision is based on universal standards and practices of the civil society. The mission is to empower minority and Roma people for the challenges they face supporting them with various formal and non formal activities that enable them to become active citizens influencing policies that are on their interest. We operate through the follow objectives:

  1. Roma and minority people have increased education and training performance
  2. Roma and minority people are active citizens in the field of Roma and minority policies contributing for well being of Roma and minority community and society
  3.  Decreased level of unemployed Roma and minority people
  4. Roma and minority people are providing/organizing volunteer service at local community and in the European countries