Our Project Outputs, including our course, will be available in English, German, Greek and Italian. The course will be accessible in the EdX platform.

The Delivery of Peer learning on training programme VET teachers, trainers and administrative staff will be available in English.

NOV 20 – APR 2021

IO1: Analysis of existing Training Programmes for Immigrants' employability.

To understand the VET related programmes and their impact in partner countries, we will carry out desk-based and field research. Secondary data will be collected dot the initial mapping of the VET training programmes and existing skills of VET trainers and learners,  , while at the same time we will collect primary data, by completing interviews of people working in both public and private organizations who can provide us with insights around the same topics.

MAY – NOV 2021

IO2: Design and delivery of Open Educational Resources Training Programme

Our research will guide the process we will need to define the vision, focus, objectives, methodology, learning approaches and module design for the development of the training modules with their corresponding assessment tools.

DEC 2021- MAY 2022

IO3: Delivery of Peer learning on training programme VET teachers, trainers and administrative staff

Development of the ACTION Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with a wide variety of learning materials.


  • VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff that are participating in the learning process in the partnering VET Institutes of this applications
  • VET Institutes who are going to increase their quality of services provided through awareness raising of their teachers/Trainers/Staff
  • Other training organizations, specialized in the field of immigrants’ employability.


The following peer learning techniques are going to be implemented:

  • discussion groups (synchronous and asynchronous in class and online)

IO4: Guidance to Immigrant learners

We are going to provide support to VET learners with migrant background for the enhancement of their skillset, facilitating beyond the use necessary skills, needed for the labor market, an exchange of their suggestions towards the improvement of VET training programmes. We are going to use OER produced under IO2, plus tailored and enriched in-class training material for the engagement of VET learners with migrant background.


Institute for Roma and Minority strives for a society where the targeted young people enjoy equal access to opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, have a voice in their community and society, whose needs are tackled by the institutions that have a direct impact in their daily lives. Our vision is based on universal standards and practices of the civil society. The mission is to empower minority and Roma people for the challenges they face supporting them with various formal and non formal activities that enable them to become active citizens influencing policies that are on their interest. We operate through the follow objectives:

  1. Roma and minority people have increased education and training performance
  2. Roma and minority people are active citizens in the field of Roma and minority policies contributing for well being of Roma and minority community and society
  3.  Decreased level of unemployed Roma and minority people
  4. Roma and minority people are providing/organizing volunteer service at local community and in the European countries